Aqua Clear Pool Cleaning

About the Owner/Operator of AQUA CLEAR Pool Cleaning

Jerry A. Schattner has been a resident of Gainesville, FL since 1972 and locally employed in the residential / commercial pool industry for over 20 years, working extensively with advanced pool water chemistry, maintenance, and related equipment. His is now licensed and insured specializing in high quality residential pool/spa cleanings, pool deck/screen enclosure pressure washing as well as pool enclosure screen replacement / repair.

Jerry is a "green pool" expert using proven cleaning methods/techniques and advanced sodium (salt) based, soft water pool sanitizers (rather than heavy metallic or petroleum-based algaecides) to keep your pool algae free. He also uses a powerful, specialized pool vacuum with it's own filtration system that completely removes leaves and debris, sand, broken glass, dead/live algae and fine particulate matter from your pool. In addition to Jerry's expertise in professional pool maintenance is his dedication to reliability, high-quality work, and of course, his customers. If your tired of poor-quality pool service or technicians that leave you stranded, and are ready for a cleaner, safer, swimming environment for you and your family, AQUA CLEAR Pool Cleaning is only a phone call away. The Alachua County Pool Service Association recognizes AQUA CLEAR Pool Cleaning and customer references are available here.

Scott Smith is a Pool Cleaner/Technician for AQUA CLEAR Pool Cleaning. Scott has been a resident of Gainesville for over 25 years. He is a father and grandfather whom I've known over 20 years. He is a dedicated employee who understands customer service and knows the importance of quality work.

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